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A community-directed approach to social research and planning culturally-relevant social programs


Expertise comes from the community/organization.


Solutions are grass-roots grown.


YOU are the voice.

We recognize the rights of Indigenous People and the issues faced due to colonialism

We recognize and understand the inter-generational impact of the residential school system and abuses

We recognize that identity, culture and language are fundamental to effective community planning and program development



We work for you.  We listen.  Specializing in planning and analysis, we work to achieve your goals by utilizing our skills to assist with research and analysis, program planning and evaluation, report and proposal writing, documenting interviews and oral histories, and developing solutions to identified social issues.

Start by giving us a call.  Through the initial phone consultation we can establish your community's specific needs.

With you as the lead and you with the knowledge, we assist in the following areas of social research:

  • Historical Research

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Literature Reviews

  • Report Writing

Well planned, culturally-appropriate community based services assist to support individual and community wellness. The planning and development process is collaborate and involves all relevant stake holders.  The set goals and outcomes evolve as a process that is results driven.

Areas of focus

  • Grass-roots needs identification

  • Culturally-relevant goal setting

  • Program evaluation

  • Policy development

  • Funding Proposals

  • Project Report Writing

Your voice.  Your stories.

  • Interviews

  • Investigating and analysis

  • Documentation of stories and analysis


Your Stories


What do we do?

Who do we serve?

Where do we service?


We are a Vancouver-based organization committed to a community-involved approach to addressing social inequities.   Working directly with Indigenous communities  & organizations and adhering to our guiding principles, we assist in conducting social research and the planning, implementation and evaluation of culturally-relevant and results-focused programs.  

Founder Deb Sider, having studied social policy analysis and graduating with a masters of arts from York University, is an experienced problem solver with extensive experience working with communities and organizations in British Columbia, Northwestern Ontario, Canada, and the Treaty 9 areas.  Of Metis heritage, Deb was taught to respect the ways of her ancestors and is committed to honoring the culture, the traditions and the voices of the people indigenous to this land.  Deb works to utilize her training and experience, putting your plans into action to address the social injustices imposed on Indigenous, First Nation, Inuit and Metis peoples.

We LISTENCall for a free one hour consultation to to determine how we can work for you.

We offer services for all First Nation, Metis and Inuit communities, and indigenous support services. 

Turtle River services communities nationwide and internationally.  We specialize in Northern and remote areas, and travel directly to your community.